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Pop and Product is a creative agency that specializes in connecting you to your audience in the most innovative way. We are an artistic extension of your imagination and your brand's biggest cheerleader. 


I’m Shreya Khurana, the founder of Pop & Product Digital.


I was introduced to art from a very young age by one of the most talented artists that I have known, my mother. So it’s safe to say that art runs in my blood. It’s interspersed in everything I do and it is what sets me apart from the hoi-polloi.


“Oh, but art and marketing are as different as milk and soda, cheese and chalk, water and everything that’s not water”, you may think. 


And that is exactly what makes me, and in turn, my agency, so different.


Because I bring an artistic sensibility to everything we do, be it designing your brand’s social media feed, styling your photoshoots, designing your creatives; in short, everything needed to put your brand on the map in your industry. 


And being one of the very few agencies that not only started during the pandemic, but was also immensely successful during this trying period, I have a genuine understanding of what makes a business tick and what your audience needs and expects from you.  


Now this begs the question, ‘how did it all start?’


So here’s the story of the agency’s unique beginnings. 

Shreya Khurana-Founder of Pop and Product-A Creative Agency in Dubai
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While I would love to start with Pop & Product and call it a day, this homegrown agency’s fabulous journey would never have started if it hadn’t been for its predecessor, Wrapped in Art.


Born in 2015, and inspired by what I learned at the Instituto Marangoni, London, Wrapped In Art was a labour of love and so much more than a business.


It was my contribution to art, the world that I had grown up in. It was a showcase of my love for my mother’s brilliant and colourful paintings, with her custom artwork on scarves, accessories and home décor. And it was the best way of introducing her work to a more commercial audience. 


After a successful stint with Wrapped in Art, where I also discovered my love for styling and photoshoots, I decided to use what I had learned to help more businesses connect with their tribe and this is when I started  my dream project Pop and Product.


Today, an agency that started off as a way to help brands find their visual love language, has grown into a business that helps clients with their entire visual strategy and social media management. While we started off small, over the years, we have worked with clients like the Four Points Sheraton and numerous other brands, big and small alike.


At Pop & Products Digital, my innate sense of art, colours and design has helped me create an agency that is known for its visual strategy and given me the ability to really flesh out a brand’s personality on social media. And this has what made the agency so successful. 


Arshad-Team member of Pop and Product Digital

Digital Wizard

Arshad Farook

A multi-talented professional with a diverse skill set in the industry, bringing a wide range of talents to our team.

His expertise lies in photography, design, filming, and social media management. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for stunning visuals, he creates captivating designs and produces compelling videos.
Committed to collaboration and clear communication, he consistently goes above and beyond to satisfy clients.

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Creative Catalyst

Nivriti Mohandas

In the ever-evolving world of social media, she’s here to make a colorful impact and leave a lasting impression. With a keen eye for trends and a passion for research, Nivriti believes in crafting engaging content that captivates our audience. Her love for vibrant colors not only reflects in her personality but also translates into the visually dynamic social media content she curates for our clients.

From staying on top of the latest trends, she strives to connect with the audience on a personal level, bringing the perfect pop to our client’s online presence!

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Nivriti- Team member of Pop and Product Digital
Jishan KP-Team member of Pop and Product Digital

Digital Alchemist

Jishan K P

A person who sees an endless wave of digital marketing. His skills in marketing begin with creating visually appealing and SEO-friendly websites. For him, life isn't just happening; it's a real-time, interactive marketing experiment in which he orchestrates clicks to maximize social media engagement and visibility.

He is not an AI machine to just master the clicks and conversions. He understands the human mind and their touches to conquer the digital world because people never forget the human touch they experienced.

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We help you connect, engage and actually speak to your audience. 



We are able to help you build from the ground up and also carry an existing story forward

Creative Design


We help you create a personality

and a tone of voice

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